The Top 5 Website Builders for 2020

Website builders are ideal for people or small companies that need to create a site without having to rely on a web designer or developer. But even with that said, finding the right website maker remains a challenge because there are too many of them in the market right now. So, to help you decide on the right builder that meets your website creation needs, below are useful website builder reviews highlighting the pros, cons, and pricing of each tool. 

With that out of the way, here are the specific website builders we will compare in this post: 

  • Wix

  • Weebly


  • Shopify

  • Squarespace

Website Builders Versus Enlisting a Web Developer

On the lower margin, an excellent and adequately functioning site can cost you $2,000.

Moreover, you will still have to pay some additional fees if you need the services of a freelance web developer to update your site in the future. However, when you utilize some of the top website builders, you can create and manage your site at a fraction of the above price. These making a website builders allow you to log in to your site, change content, add images, add new pages, and so forth without necessarily needing any assistance from a seasoned designer. 

Who Can Utilize Website Makers and What for?

Website builders are great for businesses or individuals interested in an inexpensive way of setting up a site where they can showcase, share, or sell their work. If you have set some money aside for hiring a web developer to create your site, then you should probably think of using a website creator first. Among the organizations and people that would find website builders extremely useful are:

  • Artists

  • Photographers

  • Writers

  • Musicians

  • Garden designers

  • Small enterprises

  • Party planners

  • Freelance graphic designers

  • eCommerce startups

  • Bloggers

  • Etsy sellers

  • Wedding planners, etc.

Selecting the Best Website Builders

It is essential to note down everything that you want with your site before considering any website makers. Think about what you would love to have on your site, or what you want to achieve with it when comparing website builders. For example, you can write that you need a blog section, reservation system, slider, contact form, photo gallery, online store, and so forth. Make a point of looking at other sites to get an idea of how you might want your site to look like before utilizing website builders.

Today, many website builders come with drag-and-drop functionality. So, you can always try out several tools before you decide on one. 

Another important thing that you need to factor in before choosing a website maker is your growth options. Will you need to update your site regularly? Is a blog necessary? Do you plan to introduce more goods on your site in the coming days? All in all, you need to choose a platform that can accommodate your enterprise as it grows. 

Now, let us review the best platforms for building your site.

Wix Website Maker

Wix is a popular cloud-based site creator. It is easy to use, and it comes with an array of useful features for website creation. 


You do not have to pay for hosting because this is a fully hosted platform. Moreover, Wix comes with tons of templates to help you customize your site easily. Plus, you can use the maker’s intuitive editor to edit any template to your liking.

There are many paid as well as free applications that you can add to your site. These applications enable you to add functionality and new features to your site. You can install both third-party developed apps as well as those by Wix.

It is also one of the site building platforms that provides a free plan with unlimited storage and bandwidth. This plan is best for trying out the web maker to get an idea of what it can offer you. Worth mentioning is that this plan does not come with a domain name. As such, if you get to keep your site, you will have to upgrade your account to a premium one. 

Lastly, all Wix subscriptions have free SSL. Nonetheless, you still have to turn it on for your site.


Connect Domain and free subscriptions will always show Wix branded advertisements on your site. Only when you upgrade to the Unlimited or Combo plan, you can get rid of these ads. 

Another downside to Wix is that it is quite challenging to migrate your site elsewhere when there is a need. 

Finally, you still have to purchase a domain name because only their Custom Domain subscription allows you to link a custom domain name. 


Wix has four paid plans: 

  • Connect Domain at $4.50 per month 

  • Combo at $8.50 per month

  • Unlimited at $12.50 per month

  • VIP at $24.50 per month.

Weebly Website Creator

This web page builder comes with tons of excellent designs and is quite easy to use. It has an advanced page maker that enables you to edit your site even if you lack any knowledge of coding. 


Being among fully hosted website builders, Weebly doesn’t require you to manage or even install any software. The people at Weebly ensure that this web maker can take care of all the back-end software as well as site hosting. 

Weebly comes with several designs you can use as the foundation for your site. Better yet, all designs can be edited using the live page editor. Apart from that, Weebly has built-in support for eCommerce, meaning it enables you to start an online store where you can sell your goods or services. 

Lastly, all Weebly sites have built-in features for sliders, photo galleries, contact forms, and so forth. As such, you can quickly add features to your site without going through a complicated process. 


Seeing as Weebly is a fully hosted site creator, you have to contend with only the features they offer. At no point, you can hire a designer to develop a new feature or functionality on your site. 

Other than that, Weebly imposes a 3% transaction charge for every purchase made on your online store. Nonetheless, when you upgrade to their business plan, you are exempted from this fee. 


Weebly has a range of pricing options:

  • Free

  • Connect ($5 per month)

  • Pro ($12 per month)

  • Business ($25 per month) Site Builder

Despite being one of the new website builders in the market, uKit is making a good name for itself, offering a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop interface that enables you to create stunning sites without any hassle. It supports various languages making it easy for users to interact with your site in English, Romanian, Russian, Polish, and Portuguese. 


UKit offers a wide range of modern, professional-looking templates. Each of them is neatly organized into a category, making it easy for you to find the ideal design for your business niche. All designs are also mobile-responsive, meaning that they can automatically fit tablet and smartphone screens. 

It also offers an excellent blogging platform that once added, allows you to access functionalities such as scheduled posts, adding the author’s name to a post, integrating social media buttons, adding SEO settings, allowing comments via Discuss, and so forth. Another praiseworthy thing about uKit is that it provides live chat applications, SSL security, SoundCloud integration, and MailChimp newsletters. 

Moreover, uKit has an intuitive site editor that makes various features easily accessible. You can then drag and drop elements on to the interface one-by-one or add them as a group of theme-specific widgets. 

While uKit does not have an eCommerce function, it makes up for the same by allowing for integration with Ecwid, an eCommerce software with tons of useful features. You can pick your store layout from uKit. However, other eCommerce functions, for instance, shipping methods, managing your inventory, and customers will be done on Ecwid. 

About customer service, this tool allows you to get assistance via email. Their responses are fast and helpful. 


Unlike other website builders, uKit has limited customization options. For instance, there are no custom colors unless you are on the Pro plan. Moreover, you cannot change the text and font size. 

Also, there is no PayPal widget unless you upgrade to a Pro account. 


UKit has four pricing plans:

  • Minimal- $4 per month

  • Basic- $8 per month

  • eCommerce- $9.60 per month

  • Pro- $12 per month.

Shopify Website Maker

Shopify is the best website builder for eCommerce sites and online stores. It has 1 million active users and powers over half a million enterprises. Since its inception, over $40 billion worth of products has been sold on the platform. 


Given that it is a fully hosted platform, users do not have to worry about issues such as installing updates, managing software, load times, keeping backups, and so forth. Shopify will take care of all of that. 

When it comes to payments, Shopify provides an integrated payment solution commonly referred to as Shopify payments. Nonetheless, you can accept payments by adding third-party payment gateways. 

Being one of the best eCommerce website builders, it comes with comprehensive inventory management, convenient marketing solutions, helpful statistics, and unlimited products. Moreover, it has many designs to choose from. 

Shopify also boasts of an excellent drag-and-drop interface that enables you to create a well- functioning eCommerce store. Apart from that, it provides an in-store POS the enables you to sell goods at your location while accepting different credit cards and taking full advantage of the shipping, marketing, statistics, and inventory management tools provided by the platform. 

Best of all, you can integrate Shopify into WordPress, making it easy to leverage these two effective website builders at the same time. 


The major downside to Shopify is the cost. When compared to other makers, the price of this one is significantly higher and can be discouraging to people or small businesses with a tight budget. Apart from that, you will find it quite problematic to move your site from the platform if you ever need to. 


To set up an online store with this builder, you have to be in one of the three pricing plans offered. They are:

  • Basic Shopify- $29 per month

  • Shopify- $79 per month

  • Advanced Shopify- $299 per month. 


It is a fully hosted web builder, renowned among users for its top-notch designs and usability. 


This website maker boasts of excellent enterprise-grade capabilities that enable it to host your site well. This effective system, therefore, allows you to focus on building your brand and not on hosting issues. 

It offers a wide choice of designs to get started, and all of them can work well with any content you introduce. It is also one of the website makers with editable templates, and better yet, Squarespace enables you to utilize several themes for the same site at once. 

You can add content to your site quite easily by pointing anywhere on it and then typing. Moreover, you are at liberty to move items on pages as you like to create personalized layouts fast.

Last but not least, this platform has an eCommerce plan that enables you to add an online store to your site. You will enjoy an excellent interface to manage your inventory, coupon discounts, orders, and products. 


This website creation tool offers minimal integrations with third-party services and thus, can impede your business. Also, the eCommerce plans of this website builder software only accept Apple Pay, Stripe, and PayPal for the processing of payments. At no instance, you can provide any other payment gateways. 


Squarespace pricing plans range from $12 each month up to $18 monthly. For the online stores, you will have to pay $26 or $40 every month. 

All said it is an excellent site creator with top-notch designs and easy to use features. It is the right choice if you are after a site builder that will get you up and running in the online world fast. Squarespace is often rated highly by users due to its incredibly interactive user interface. 

Top Tips for Selecting a Decent Platform to Build a Website

Now that you are aware of the website builders that are available online, you might be wondering how you can find the best-suited one for the type of project you intend to undertake. Most modern website builders don’t come with risks nowadays. However, it is still worth putting in some attention to the selection of the best builder from ideal website builders. So, check out some aspects you can assess in a site creation tool before settling:

  • Builder features 

The features you will be interested in will vary depending on your particular use of the site. Nonetheless, a decent builder should have SEO options you can tailor, mobile-friendly templates, a built-in shopping cart, good image galleries, and a blogging system. These few general features can help you narrow on a great builder. 

  • Support system and resources

Is there any kind of customer support available on the web builder? And if so, what are the methods of reaching support agents and how long does it take them to respond? Most website creation services assist customers either on chat or on the phone, depending on the plan chosen. Also, check if the website builders under consideration have a resource base, forum, or any other sources that you can explore if you need help. 

  • Builder cost

This tip is a little trickier than the previous ones because the offers that you see from the most website builders are a bit confusing, especially for those who are developing their very first site. But each web maker listed here has precise pricing details, both annually and monthly, and it all depends on your budget. Check not just the pricing for each plan, but also the extra costs that you may incur. This information is usually available on the pricing pages of individual website builders.

  • Trial period

You may want to test a maker before choosing a paid plan first. So, see if trial time is offered by the website builders you intend to try out. Most website builders will offer between 14 days to one-month free usage after an account is created but with some limitations in terms of functions. 

  • Builder reputation

The chances of website builders working as you expect them to are higher if you pick a company that has a good reputation among customers. And the best place to find our customers feedback about various website builders is to check out reviews. 

  • Domain options

While most website builders offer plans that include free domain name registration, it should also be pretty easy to connect a domain that you may have bought from a different company. 

User Reviews and Complaints About Some Web Page Builders

Just as you want to know how different website builders work, it is also important to look at what customers say about them. So, here are some user reviews for the different website builders discussed here:

“I have tried out a few builders in the past and find that Wix has the best design. Apart from having hundreds of different templates, the tool makes it so easy to customize them to your preference. If you need extra features, Wix has an App store where you can get additional features for the site. Would definitely recommend this platform for building any site with 30 web pages or less over other website builders.” 

“I am a blogger, and I built my site using Squarespace site builder. I love its clean design and dozens of beautiful themes. Also, my site works well on both desktop and mobile. What I don’t like about this maker, however, is that it takes time to understand it. Also, I cannot back up and restore my site if I want to. Nevertheless, it’s quite useful if you want to create a visually appealing blog.”

“My eCommerce site is built on Shopify. I would say that this tool is the most professional I have come across yet (I have tried a few website builders). It’s pretty affordable – you can sell as many products as you want for just $9 per month, which is cheaper than many site builders. You will, however, need to upgrade to higher plans to enjoy better performance and features. I can accept credit card payment directly as well as add other payment methods I want on my site.”

“uKit was my go-to web builder when I decided to take my venture online. I didn’t have any prior experience concerning setting up a site, and therefore, I was looking for a tool that would be easy to use. I only had to feed the system a couple of details about what I wanted to create, and my site was ready in no time. The templates are quite appealing too. No complaints so far.”

“I recommend Weebly for anyone looking for convenient website builders. The advantages of this maker that I found useful include good site loading speed, reasonable pricing, and simplicity. There are no ads, even on the starter package. You can build unlimited pages on your site and store as many things as you need to. Weebly was an all-inclusive option for me. And I didn’t need any experience to use it.” 

Best Web Builder Choices by Industry or Use

Very few website builders excel in everything. Most, if not all, website builders are perfect for particular projects and are average when it comes to other uses. So, before you select a builder that you think will fit well with your type of site, check out these suggestions of the best site development software by industry: 

  • eCommerce site

You have to be well-prepared with a builder if you plan to start an online store. Now your choice will be determined by your long-term goal. Are you just starting a small store or do you want to grow from offering a few products to hundreds of products in a couple of months or years? BigCommerce site builder is a wonderful option if you need to scale later while Weebly is a much more affordable builder if you want to concentrate on a small store. These two site builders are great for eCommerce. 

  • Best photography site 

As a photographer, you would want a site where you can store, display, and sell your photo gallery without much hassle. A simple website builder that provides all these core features is Zenfolio. This site builder is one of the most established tools in the market today and does not require in-depth skills to understand. It also offers great photo viewing quality and unlimited video and photo storage. Wix is another worthwhile example of a builder for photographers.

  • Small enterprise site builder

If you are putting up a site for your business, consider using Wix as your builder. It’s simple, has good design, and lots of features that are ideal for entrepreneurs. You can also consider using Weebly, especially if you need a builder to add and manage lots of web pages within your site.  

  • Blogging site builder

Squarespace and Weebly are great for designing blogs. They are easy yet powerful options as compared to their counterparts. Remember that most builders have blog integration options, which means they support blogging and even provide tools to help you establish a blog within your site. 

  • Mobile website builder

If you are looking for a mobile-friendly web builder, your best bet is Wix. Most website builders, however, have mobile optimization among their service features. As such, mobile responsiveness, though crucial, is not something you will need to worry about when you are using a modern builder to create your site.

  • Drag-and-drop site builders

The easiest website builder is one that offers a variety of designs that you can edit and utilize with zero coding skills. Known as drag-and-drop editors, many site builders allow visitors to drag items features and drop them where they want on a web page. Duda is an excellent example of a builder that has a pretty simple drag and drop editor. Shopify builder also offers an intuitive drag and drop editor and a whole lot of templates. 

  • Professional site builders

Need to build a professional site? Gator site builder offers more than 200 wonderful templates that will make your site look and feel professional. GoDaddy site builder is also a suitable option as it offers a host of professional images from Getty Pictures download to use on your site. 

FAQs About Site Builder Answered 

What do people ask most about site-building? Here are the most frequently asked questions with answers:

What Is a Domain Name and How Does It Work? 

A domain name is simply the site address that your site uses. It is usually the link that appears when you load your site. When inputted in a web browser, the domain leads to the specific site it represents. Domains are different, and therefore, their prices also vary. There are top-level domains and low-level ones. Most domains end with, .com, and .net. You can also set up an email address for your business or store using the domain name to achieve a more professional look. 

Where Can I Buy a Custom Domain Name?

Bluehost, GoDaddy, and Namecheap are just a few examples of places you can buy your custom domain name. However, if you use a builder to develop your site, you can buy it there. The advantage of buying it in a builder is that you only deal with one company for everything, i.e., domain, hosting, and site-building. However, check with the builder you have chosen to ensure they offer a free domain. Free and cheaper pricing plans on most builders either offer sub-domains or no domain at all. There are lots of website builders out there. So, take time to compare.

Do I Need Some Experience to Build My First Site? 

Today, anyone can create their own site with little or no expert knowledge at all. You can go for a site builder or enlist for help from an experienced developer. Using a builder is preferred by most people because it is inexpensive and easy. With a builder, you only need to choose a template from the available ones and then edit it through dragging and dropping. A modern builder takes care of the other more complex processes such as coding and security. 

Why Is SEO Important?

SEO – search engine optimization in full – optimizes a site so that search engines can find it. With billions of sites in almost every industry, SEO is more important now more than ever. Good SEO practices improve your search engine ranking, site usability, and visitor experience. For better SEO, you will need to research low competition keywords and place them at strategic points in your landing pages and articles. Get maximum value by looking for a builder that offers SEO options. 

What Is a Drag-and-Drop Editor? 

If you are using a quick website builder, you will likely come across a drag-and-drop editor. Almost every builder currently has this type of editor. A drag-and-drop editor is a specialized tool that helps you build and customize your site as you like it. Built within a site builder, this editor works by dragging themes or templates and placing them where the user specifies. 

How Much Will I Pay to Create and Launch My Site? 

Though prices vary depending on the provider and the features offered, a builder will typically cost you below $100. However, the price for creating a site from the ground up using the services of a programmer or web designer depends on what you negotiate with them. If you are on a budget, a builder is the better option. 


Your pick of the best website builders company is really up to you. Think about the site you want to build, what you want it to look like, whether you intend to scale it, your experience and lastly, budget before picking a builder. It’s best to choose a builder that includes everything you need to avoid dealing with many service providers. Also, check if the website builders you are considering provide backup and security for your site. Lastly, remember that using a builder means that you will have to put in some time to the site development. The builder will only assist you with the complex stuff.