Gone are the days when you needed to code each single page from scratch to build a website. Thanks to DIY website builders the barriers to building a site have vanished.

During the past few years a lot of new code-free web publishing platforms emerged to meet the growing demand, offering aspiring bloggers, independent professionals, and businesses an easy, low-cost way to build a web presence.

With so many competitors out there, in order to survive, website builders have to differentiate themselves from the others. As a result, many choose to specialize, providing the same basic feature set, while focusing on a specific domain, say, restaurant business, blogging, or photography.

uKit website builder is probably the most modern builder around, bringing together all the latest trends of web design. With uKit you don’t even need to have basic technical experience. The system is simple and flexible, and it does 70% of the work for you — no HTML coding, CSS, Photoshop, or any other part of the web developer’s daily routine.

uKit follows the latest web and mobile trends letting users build a mobile-friendly website and preview it. The feature makes it easy to tune the appearance of each page and check who it will look like on both tablets and smartphones. The platform comes with a simple editing tool. Users can hide or ad different blocks and edit their website separately from the web version.

The platform regularly updates its templates and delivers new designs to meet users’ expectations. Moreover, the software has added some new tools for more outsourcing opportunities. The owner now has a chance to provide a temporary access to a uKit website.

Based on one of the best types of visual editors, ukit allows a non-tech-savvy user to create a website from scratch within 1-2 hours. The main advantage of the builder is that anyone can achieve a result equal to the work of a professional web developer.

You can forget about mistakes — all imperfections will be resolved by the system. The grid aligns itself, images are adjusted by size, and the font color is matched to the background. No issues whatsoever.

To stand out in this crowded market, uKit site builder focuses on delivering business-specific features. This site builder was developed by the uCoz team which is no stranger to producing this type of software.